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Jonathan Miranda

The Colour Me Future Edition

The big news this week was the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), where all the main players brought out their wares, and gave us a glimpse of what’s to come. One of the standouts was Sony, who dazzled with previews of their upcoming game titles. Other devices like Project Morpheus, Playstation TV, and Playstation Now also helped to show that the future of consoles is looking bright, and constantly evolving. It’s not all good news for games though. Due to an update in their policies, the App Store starts to reject games that reward social sharing, with the possibility of previously approved games such as Candy Crush being pulled as well. At least this might mean a tapering off of those annoying Facebook notifications.

One Facebook app that I don’t mind though is Five Lab’s personality analyser. Through some kind of voodoo magic, it analyses your Facebook posts to give you a plotting of your personality based on 5 psychological traits. The real fun comes in comparing your personality with your friends and celebrities. Unfortunately having only a 26% similarity with Barak Obama might mean I’m not US president material. There goes another dream! Speaking of dreams, and the ones which do come true, be sure to check out the Scribble pen. This device can sample real life objects, then reproduce their colour for you to use. A nifty gadget for the constant doodler. Customisable colours don’t stop there though, as 3D printed makeup starts to cause a stir. Not really my thing, but the constant stream of new innovations has me looking forward to the future.

Judger of Your Personality / Doodler

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